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Repeat sessions at iMoot2010
by Julian Ridden - Friday, February 5, 2010, 01:04 PM
Has this happened to you over the past 36 hours?
  • A great session was on at 3am when you were in your right mind sleeping peacefully
  • Two awesome sessions were on at the same time making you choose favourites.
  • You were on Twitter and heard cool stuff about a session that you just didn't think of attending.
repeat SessionsIf this is you then have we got just the right answer to perk you up again. In your program you may have noticed that all the previously live delivered sessions are now available in "Repeat" mode.

Repeat mode allows you to:
  • Watch the session all over again in the Elluminate Room just as if you were there in person (online, kinda personable. You know what I mean).
  • Participate in the Live chat room. Here you can discuss with other attendees the repeated session. Plus, in most cases, the Presenters will rejoin you for the last 30 minutes for a Q&A session.
  • If your Presenter can't make it (i.e. he/she is now sleeping or maybe at work) then you can ask your questions in the discussion forum for them to come back to you on.
So now you know iMoot2010 is far from over. Enjoy the session replays and make sure you also complete the feedback form for each session so that the presenter knows how they went.


The iMoot Team